Music Advances

4/9/14 – MEADOWS AT THE MEYERSON – April 9, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. at the Meyerson Symphony Center

The Meadows Symphony Orchestra will perform two Italian-themed works at the 21st anniversary of SMU Meadows School of the Arts’ annual spring gala, “Meadows at the Meyerson” on April 9, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Downtown Dallas.

The Meadows Symphony Orchestra, led by conductor Paul Phillips, will first perform is Church Windows (1926) by Ottorino Respighi, one of the most popular modern Italian composers. This piece is a full orchestration of his earlier composition Three Piano Preludes on Gregorian Melodies, and is known for its gorgeous sound. Each of its four movements has traditionally been associated with themes found in stained glass windows in Italy.

The second work is Felix Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 4, or “Italian” symphony. It was inspired by the composer’s grand tour of Europe from 1829 to 1831. The work “strives to convey a series of impressions of Italy – Mediterranean sunshine, religious solemnity, monumental art and architecture and open countryside.”

As in the past six years, proceeds from the event will be dedicated to the Meadows Scholars initiative at SMU. This year’s event honors Bess Enloe. Event chairs are Janie and Paul Cooke; honorary chair is Bobby Lyle. Price is $25 for adults.

For more information, call 214.768.2787 or visit



2/3/14 – MEADOWS OPERA THEATRE – La Finta Giardiniera

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was 18 years old when he wrote La Finta Giardiniera, younger than most (if not all) of the SMU opera theatre students who are performing in this opera this weekend in Meadows.

Set in the 18th century in the town of Podestá, La Finta Giardiniera (“The Pretend Garden Girl”) is an Italian opera written in 1775. The tale follows a Count Belfiore and his Marchioness Violante Onesti, who were lovers before the count stabbed Violante in a momentary fit of anger. The curtain rises on Violante, who has recently recovered and her servant Roberto. Violante soon finds out that Belfiore has become engaged to another woman. However, Belfiore goes to Violante and confesses that he still loves her. As the characters become overwhelmed with their own heightened emotions and questions of honor, social class, and fidelity, what is to become of the town of Podestá?

With attempted murder, violence, fake identities, insanity, mad scenes and several love triangles, it is hard to believe that classic piece of opera is a comedy. Without a doubt, 18-year-old Mozart allowed his imagination to soar in the composition of La Finta Giardiniera!

The performance is directed by Hank Hammett and conducted by Paul Phillips and features Meadows’ talented music undergraduate and graduate students.

The performance will be sung in Italian with a projected English translation.

The performances run in the Bob Hope Theatre February 6-9, 2014 with Thursday-Saturday performances at 8 p.m. and the Sunday performance at 2 p.m. For more information visit or call 214.768.2787.


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