Engaged Learning’s many opportunities

I am lucky enough to have received funding for this initiative from the Engaged Learning program at SMU, whose mission it is to ensure all undergraduates have opportunities to learn beyond the classroom during their time as a student at SMU. I attended and volunteered at the Engaged Learning expo yesterday in the Miller Events Center in SMU’s new Moody center. Not only was it a lovely event put on by the fantastic Engaged Learning staff, but it was also a reminder to me how lucky we are to go to a university such as this one…a school where the Provost opens his speech by looking at each of us beaming students in our white Engaged Learning shirts and says that his shirt is starting to get old and smelly because of how frequently he wears it during his morning walks around White Rock Lake. “You can even ask my wife,” he said.


The program is designed to complement the work that students do in the classroom. Each student has a mentor who guides them through their project, asking questions, encouraging them and pushing them to do their very best.


And here is a final plug for Engaged Learning…SENIORS!!! Do you have a senior project or thesis that you think would be a fantastic Engaged Learning project? Don’t fear – there is still a deadline for you! Go onto the website and subscribe to EL’s emails for more information!


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