Dallas Theater Center’s Les Misérables – Summer 2014

I am so lucky to have been able to work as the Public Relations and Social Media Intern with Dallas Theater Center this summer on #DTCLesMis. I worked under the Director of Public Relations for the company, Kelsey Guy, and I learned so much about the business in a lot of ways I hadn’t before.


The show runs until August 17 at the Wyly Theatre in the Dallas Arts District in downtown Dallas. The show has received all kinds of press – both regional, national and international.


What has been most incredible about working on this production from a public relations and marketing standpoint is the breadth and depth of viewers and fans that this production has reached! It seems like my theatre friends all around the states are talking about it and posting links, photos, etc – even if they are living nowhere near Dallas.


Here is one recent link from Playbill: http://www.playbill.com/news/article/194489-PHOTO-EXCLUSIVE-A-Day-With-Hipster-Cosette-Dorcas-Leung-Takes-Us-Behind-the-Scenes-at-Dallas-New-Look-Modern-Dress-Les-Miz?tsrc=nx


More later…


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