Stumbled upon Beethoven concert

I was lucky enough to be able to attend a Fine Arts Chamber Players event this afternoon in the Dallas Arts District. I had just heard about it this morning via the Dallas Arts District Facebook page. It was an entirely free concert (other than the $5 downtown parking), as all of the classical concerts are. Today’s concert was part of the “Basically Beethoven Festival,” which was the company’s first ever concert series when it began giving free concerts back in 1981. Luckily, I arrived at 2pm for a 2:30pm go time, so I was able to secure a seat, but many were disappointed. I had never been inside the Dallas City Performance Hall before, so I was particularly interested and intrigued to see the venue. But I was truly captivated by the music by both the opening musician, who played the marimba, as well as the five very talented musicians who performed a serenade by Beethoven and a selection by Mendelssohn. Review to follow.Dallas City Performance Hall