TheatreJones – the site that started it all

The website that inspired me to further pursue arts reporting and arts journalism is TheatreJones, a site that Elaine Liner and Mark Lowry launched in 2009 with the purpose of “filling the void” in coverage of the arts in North Texas. They spell out their vision on the About Us page on the site.

I respect the work on this site because there is always such well-reported and diverse stories and offerings covering various platforms. The content is well-dispersed, something that I struggle with on this blogsite. For site-regulars, TheatreJones provides a place of steady comfort, as readers can always find the “Places!” listings for the week, along with the calendar that provides events for each day that you want to look at. Conversely, the content featured on this page is so varied that even site-regulars cannot help but be enticed. Lowry’s Q&A’s are always a wonderful treat, as well as reviews and features of all performances in the area.


I doubt there is ever an event happening in the entire region of North Texas that TheatreJones does not cover. With the exception, however, of SMU Meadows events. But that is what this blog is for – to promote the interests of grassroots artists!


My only criticism of TheatreJones is the aforementioned critique, along with the lack of regularity of social media – namely Twitter. More and more, I am learning that our generation only reads bite-sized pieces of information for their news. If readers do not have access to these itty bitty headlines via Twitter or Facebook, they will be less than inclined to come to the website for the company, publication, organization or group.


Inaugural National Arts Entrepreneurship Educators Conference

 Inaugural National Arts Entrepreneurship Educators Conference

I was lucky enough to go to the Inaugural National Arts Entrepreneurship Educators Conference this weekend at Meadows School of the Arts at SMU. The conference, organized by James Hart, assistant professor and director of arts entrepreneurship at SMU Meadows, and Gary Beckman, director of entrepreneurial studies in the arts at North Carolina State University, consisted of two days of workshops and panel discussions dedicated to arts entrepreneurship education. I met, spoke and networked with individuals from all over the country, all of whom are passionate about various fields of art and the education of arts entrepreneurship.

Good People at WTT features SMU alumni and Head of Acting department

Good People by David Lindsey-Abaire opened at the Water Tower Theatre in Addison on Friday, June 6 and features several Meadows Mustangs. Directed by Rene Moreno (M.F.A. Directing, year unknown), the set of the show is designed by Scott Osborne (M.F.A. Stage Design, year unknown) and features David Price (B.F.A. Theatre, ’12) as Stevie as and Head of Acting and Professor Jim Crawford as Mike.


Good People runs through June 29.