Arts Read of the Week: 4-29-14

Lyn Gardner asks, “Are theatre critics covering the right shows?”

Getting new work seen is getting increasingly harder for new artists (writers, directors, devisors) because of how much work is out there between pop-ups, venues, festivals and more. Gardner says that while she sees at least six shows per week, she is barely scratching the surface of the range of work going on in the UK at large.



“In a culture where the lines between preview and review are often increasingly muddied, do we really want to end up with a situation where the preview takes precedence over the review and the only shows that get reviewed are those with a PR attached?” Gardner asks.

At a time when there are more and more venues (and this is often the case in Dallas too, or so I’ve found), it is always the same venues that get all of the attention.

Lyn Gardner is always on point with her blogs and this one certainly does not disappoint.


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