Meredith Alloway talks to SMU theatre students about moving to and living in LA

SMU alumna Meredith Alloway (B.F.A. Theatre, ’11) spoke to theatre students on Wednesday about her career in Los Angeles.


After graduating from SMU, Alloway moved out to LA and has since acted in short films, became Senior Editor of The Script Lab, and produced her own show where she interviews people such as Jane Lynch, Rajiv Joseph and Helena Bonham Carter.


Alloway also writes for Press Play on Indiewire and is a contributing writer to Flaunt Magazine. Her work in The Script Lab has taken her to Sundance, South By South West, the AFI Film Festival, and now, the Dallas International Film Festival. Alloway continues to write on her own and one of her scripts is currently being developed into a short film.


When she first started to do interviews with such big named stars, she remembers feeling rather nervous, especially in a room full of journalists who she had never worked with or been exposed to.


“I look different from everyone else in that room, but I’m going to be someone they remember,” Alloway said. “It’s important especially when you are in a new city that you are confident in who you are.”


I especially connected with what Alloway said because of my interest in arts journalism. Getting to interview some of the people she has interviewed in her work for The Script Lab would be a dream for me.


Executed like a true journalist, Alloway turned what is typically a Q&A on the audience, asking us questions like “How much money do you need to have before moving out to LA?” and “What are some of the best places to live in LA” and “what is a publicist?”


I am from LA, so I knew the answers to most of the LA-centered questions, but it was interesting to hear her speak about her experience as an LA resident post-college and most specifically, post-Dallas and post-SMU.


I asked her about her experiences working with agents and publicists of the big stars, and her advice to “NETWORK” and to remain “malleable” was invaluable.


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