Arts Read of the Week: 4/11/14

This week’s article is from Lyn Gardner’s blog on The Guardian website. The Guardian hit home again for me with this article about pub theaters in London.

“I’m often a little bit disappointed by theatres in New York and mainland Europe, where the lack of bar facilities means that an audience only appears shortly before a show and then melts away afterwards,” Gardner says. “One of the great pleasures of a fringe theatre bar is rubbing shoulders with the actors afterwards.”

I couldn’t agree more from a patron standpoint. Often times, I’ve found that a major way to get theatre-goers to renew subscriptions and want to come back is the personal touch. Giving the patrons a chance to interact with the actors and artistic directors/producers who made the show possible is a huge factor in the decision to keep attending performances. And with a bar? It’s a no brainer. London knows what it is doing.



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