Dallas Arts Read of the Week: 4/7/14

This week’s Dallas Arts Read of the Week goes to Lauren Smart’s recent article in the Dallas Observer. As the editor of the Arts and Entertainment section of the Observer now, Smart still manages to make time to write articles in her niche, while maintaining her voice in her writing. In every article, Smart finds something unique and newsworthy. For instance, this article could just read as a generic “Here’s what is coming up” listings article of sorts. But Lauren attacks the week’s events from a particular angle. Because the Dallas Arts Fair is very well-publicized in the city, she focusses on promoting the interests of the artistic efforts in projects that are not as well-publicized. Smart graduated from SMU in 2011 and went to graduate school for Arts Journalism at Syracuse University. She founded and created Green Room Reviews, a Syracuse-specific arts event WordPress site (which served as inspiration for this site!) 


To read the full article, visit http://blogs.dallasobserver.com/mixmaster/2014/04/a_guide_to_art_this_week_not_a.php



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