Two Reviews of DSO

These two articles are both last week’s reviews of a performance at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. One is from the Dallas Observer’s Mixmaster blog and another is from the Dallas Morning News.

Katie Womack’s write-up of the symphony’s performance begins very much like a feature would. She begins with a description of a musician: “Last night a tall, skinny teenager with an unruly mop of straw-blonde hair reminded Dallas Symphony audience members that not all millennials are created equal. Jan Lisiecki celebrated his 19th birthday last Sunday, and while I’m sure he knows his way around a smart-phone as well as any other kid born in the ’90s, his performance of Chopin’s first piano concerto last night at the Meyerson Symphony Center was one of the most mature renditions of the piece I’ve heard.” Womack goes on to talk about his work and the intricacies of each movement.


DMN classical music critic Scott Cantrell does an excellent job of executing the textbook “review.” He provides a general sense of the performance, running time, and other practical matters at the top of the review that appeal to a wide variety of readers. Once the review kicks up, Cantrell demonstrates his expertise in the musical world as well as his knack for tasty and colorful words (“the score is a feast of tangy burblings…”).


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